The Road To The Oscars | Lady Bird

Lady Bird flies high. The film has reached a significant success that we may be able to celebrate in the next Oscar ceremony. Following the orders of the actress and American scriptwriter Greta Gerwig, Lady Bird has entered the exclusive list to possibly get the award for best film director. This is a rare event by itself, it’s not very common to have a women in the list of nominated in this category. Together with Christopher Nolan, Guillermo del Toro, Paul Thomas Anderson and Jordan Peele, she will fight for the prize. Meanwhile, she can be proud of herself for being the fifth women in the history of the Oscar prizes to receive this nomination.

The interpretation of the main character of the movie doesn’t pass unnoticed either: Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, mother and daughter in the movie, recreate a relationship that overpasses the need for love and perfection inside a family. They have both obtained a nomination as best actresses – as protagonist and as supporting role.

Regarding the story of Lady Bird without revealing too many details: Lady Bird is a delicate film about a rebel adolescent that more than any other thing in the world wants to leave her city, Sacramento, to dive into a radiant artistic future. Her city, shown as a desolated and uncultured place, is not the only reason to provoque a torment in the young protagonist’s life. Above all, it’s the conflictive relationships with her mother, with boys, with best friends, with her brother, and even with her teachers that really drive her crazy. Her strong desire of rebellion will only get in peace with a sometimes necessary distance, that often helps to see things from a more clear and true perspective.

A film with an anachronistic touch set in the pre-smartphone era, probably for this reason more appreciated by those who are now in their thirties. This generation were the same age as the main character at the begginning of the 2000, so they are more likely to experiment a strong feeling of identification and go back to when they were 17.

lady bird lady bird lady bird

lady bird

lady bird
Director Greta Gerwig films the final scene of her movie ‘Lady Bird’ with Saoirse Ronan at First Presbyterian Church on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Picture by: Christopher Peterson/Splash News


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