The Magazine Club

In the midst of a global revolution towards a massive digitalization of our lives, every day more and more people decide to spend more time flicking through the pages of independent magazines. But who makes them? What’s the difference with the rest of the press? Where can we buy them?

The Magazine Club was born in order to answer to these and many more questions, to investigate issues such as the editorial independence, and to give indie publications their moment of glory.

The Magazine Club is a program of bimonthly events that will take place at Open Design Area with the idea to host international editors and founders of the most interesting publications to spread some indie culture in Madrid. We see this project as a space dedicated both to magazine-makers and readers to meet, and each time besides introducing a different magazine, we’ll have the opportunity to talk with the creators about editorial decisions, content selection, strategies and ideas to carry out the project.

We think that understand and appreciate magazines is so important because these publications are able to reflect our present, and critically examine cultural and social issues in greater depth and from new, original perspectives as real cultural accelerators.

The Magazine Club is a project by Margherita Visentini from Polpettas On Paper and Gema Navarro and Paloma Ávila from Open Design Area.

Margherita Visentini is the host of the events. She also curates the magazines selection and the interviews with the guests.

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