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A glimpse inside the mind of Charles Swan III

Charlie Sheen puts himself in a successful graphic designer’s shoes in the ’70s, and his love for ladies puts him in trouble with his girlfriend: this is just the beginning of his series of surreal events, in the good company of his best friends Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray… but all their adventures are generated by his mind!

First feature film directed by writer and producer Roman Coppola, son and brother of Sir Francis Ford and Sofia, this time he stands behind the camera and tries to make us get a glimpse inside his mind.

The film presents an extreme taste for the image composition, the costumes and the soundtrack, with characters like the ones you can find in Truffaut or Scorsese films, the myth of the viveur by Alain Delon, coming directly from the ’70s: it was the golden age of cinema, of which his father was pioneer and author.

The trailer is definitely an invite to something original.

Published on Trendland on 19 Feb 2013


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